Insulation helps turn a house into your dream home. By keeping your home cooler in summer and toastier in winter, insulation creates a more comfortable living space all year round.

Home insulation is also the simplest and most cost effective strategy you can take to reduce your energy bills. With a house losing up to 35% of its heating and cooling through an uninsulated roof, it makes sense to install insulation before anything else. At Higgins Insulation Sydney, we offer a number of high performance, eco friendly, cost effective insulation solutions to ensure you get the best for your family.

If your home is already built, then probably the only area available for insulating will be within your loft space. With health, safety and eco friendliness in mind, we offer 3 home insulation solutions to protect you and your family.

Earthwool Ceiling batts are a cost effective, new generation of sustainable glasswool insulation for the thermal insulation of your ceiling space. Available in pre-cut rectangles at either 430mm or 580mm widths that suit most standard ceiling joist centres and can be installed from either below ceiling joists (i.e. within the room) or from above ceiling joists (i.e. within the ceiling space).

Polyester Insulation – Greenstuff polyester thermal insulation batts are specifically designed to provide high performance thermal insulation of ceiling spaces within Australian residential homes. Made in Australia from regenerated polyester fibers, the batts come in 2 widths to fit standard ceiling Joist spacings. Polyester batts are generally non itch in comparison to traditional glasswool insulaiton and require no special safety equipment to install.

Real Wool Insulation – Higgins Real Wool insulation batts are exactly that. Thermal insulation batts made from 80% Real Sheeps Wool to provide a safe, clean and environmentally friendly thermal insulation solution. Specifically designed to meet the harsh conditions of Australia’s unique climate, Higgins Real Wool insulation batts come in R3.0 or R3.5 and 430mm or 580mm widths to fit standard Australian ceiling joist spacings.



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